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We are the best agency to improve your deals.

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Why Hexa Webs?

and maintenance

Providing a software is not always the end of the job. The beginning is a commitment because if the software purchased from us works without problems, it is our pride, but if there is a problem, it must be solved by our team as soon as possible. Therefore, we offer our support for software in a specialized way

Design and ideation

Starting a new business all over the world always requires ideas and creativity. that the Hexa creative team can always be an expert in all projects and offer suggestions to you, dear customers

Code optimization

One of the most important parts of designing is standard coding in website design. So that this will be in the loading speed of the website and optimization from search engines


Mohammad Reza Jorghani

Since I met programming. I became very interested in programming. First, I was engaged in the production of software under Windows. I entered the web world in 1986. And I gained expertise in various online programming such as PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, html, css.

Since 1986, I have worked in different companies and I have done projects for different companies, which I will mention here.

Cooperation with Iran-Turkey Trade Strategic Office, Web Designer, Pars Turkan, Adesa Company, Peyman Gozaran Company, in Press TV news channel and now I am working in Ares and Hexa Web

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